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If you’re a small business with 20-50 users, we need to talk!
Current IT service response time less than
20 minutes

Hello, my name is Nadeem Azhar, the owner/operator of PC.Solutions.Net. We have been Nadeemproviding technology services since 1997. If your business has 20 to 50 network devices and you are located in Texas then we need to talk before You make a decision about technology.
In the information technology’s competitive landscape just having the right people is not enough. You have to have the proper partnerships and joint ventures in place. PCSN’s core is network infrastructure and over the years we’ve expanded with additional departments into IP Telephony and Application Development solutions. Listen to what some of our customers have to say:

“I focus on my business and let PCSN focus on IT”
“We’ve been partners with PCSN for over 10 years now. I remember when we first engaged PCSN, we had terrible issues with computer system downtime ultimately impacting our bottom line. Systems would get infected, we couldn’t rely on the data on the servers and our managers had to be the IT specialists, it was a daily struggle. No more! Now our managers can focus on business and we don’t have to worry about servers or PCs. It’s not just about saving money but about being able to make more with less headaches.” – Raschid Chawdhary, CFO, Texas Richmond Corp.

“Running Exchange in-house just doesn’t make sense!”
“Bubbles has been using Nadeem’s company for over 5 years, actually I found him via a Bill LawrenceMicrosoft referral and later found out his wife used to work for us a while back! PCSN recommended to us that we move to cloud based email and get rid of the in-house Exchange server and I’m glad we did. The overhead of maintaining an Exchange server is gone but we still have full access to the back-end systems to run our operations. I would recommend PCSN, these guys know what they are doing! Most IT techs leave a mess behind but PCSN keeps a clean environment inside and outside the network.” Bill Lawrence, CEO, Bubbles Enterprises

“I can sleep at night because I know PCSN is keeping an eye on things”
“We outsourced our IT services to PCSN over a decade ago. Since tHilda Maasshen we’ve gone through many transformations and changes and PCSN has kept our IT systems operational.Usually we don’t even have to call as they take care things before they become issues. This not only saves us time and money but also lets me focus on business instead of IT. PCSN also replaced a traditional phone system with IP based system that is one less thing for us to worry about and allows attorney to be able to connect where ever they are. Very happy we found PCSN!”– Hilda Maass, Admin, Pipkin Ferguson PLLC.

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