Online Survey App

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Online Survey Application (OSA) was developed to allow businesses to perform surveys easily online.

You don’t need to learn any complex commands or install any software on your machine. The entire survey process can be performed via just a browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer including generation of reports.

All information is kept in a back-end SQL database. This form of client/server setup allows the application to work with huge amounts of data (the only real limitation of amount of data being storage space).

The wizard type interface literally walks you through creating surveys. You start with creating a new survey. The system asks you for a name, description and footer of the survey and asks you the start and end dates.

Next you are walked through creating survey questions. You have a choice of a variety of questions types. For example, you can create questions requiring Yes or No answers, multiple choice or free form text answers. Once you are happy with your survey, the system lets you preview it so you can see exactly what the recipients will see.

Now you simply send invitations to the survey. The invitation email can contain custom text in the body and footer and has the unique URL embedded in the body that allows recipients to simply click and fill-out the survey form. You can either enter the invitation email addresses by hand or you can import a list of emails from a variety of file formats. You don’t have to send invitations via email, you can choose to distribute the URL via print media or phone.

Once you’ve sent the survey, you can start looking at reports. Reporting is done on a consolidated bases. So if you have a Yes/No answer the system will actually tell you what percent of recipients said Yes and what percent said No. This form of report is crucial to identify trends and satisfaction levels at a glance.

OSA also lets you create different levels of users. You may create users that can create surveys and view reports while certain other users may only view reports.

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