Voice over IP Infrastructure

Bubbles enterprises has over 15 locations across Texas. When Bubbles was looking to reduce costs and improve employee performance, it turned to PC.Solutions.Net to provide the solution.

The solution consists of PCSN providing a dual redundant server solution for voice processing and trunking along with voice traffic using the existing data VPN and multi-site network.

All phone lines come in to the main office and from there all voice is sent to branches over the existing data network. Instead of having a traditional PRI lines from the phone company, PCSN implemented a SIP trunk solution to streamline the connectivity with phone company, instead of having a stack of physical lines coming in, there is just one network cable that provides all phone lines and data connectivity.

Staff can now stay in contact with branch offices seamlessly with ease and know if personnel are on the phone with a quick glance at the heads up display on their monitors. Transferring calls to the appropriate party is only a mouse gesture away, this also cuts down tremendously on new employee training which in the client’s industry was important.

Bubbles even saves on company meetings and training sessions using VoIP calling features and call recording functionality for future reference.