Online Backup

We at PCSN understand how crucial data is to your organization. We understand it needs to be protected in-case of a disaster and needs to be made available for the viability of your organization and operations.

In the past customers in the small and medium business space have struggled to find an alternative to traditional backup and disaster recovery solutions, but time and again they found that the recurring costs kept the solution slightly beyond their reach. We understand, and with our expertise and partnership with leading data center operators bring you online backup with the peace of mind that your data will be safe and secure in world class data centers around the world.

Not only do you get to secure data online, but we have also included the cost of setting up your servers for backup. This means your backup is setup by professionals and when you do need your data, experts will restore it for you. What’s more, we offer online backup for a fraction of what others want to charge. If there is a total disaster, we can get you data shipped on a hard drive for quick restore.

Price is not a secret at PCSN! We charge $899 one time setup fee and $1,020 per year per server for unlimited data. No that’s not a typo! What all does this service include you ask? How about this:

Unlimited data – So you don’t have to worry about escalating costs as your data increases.

Bandwidth control – Backups won’t slow your internet down.

Continuous backup – Backups are made on an ongoing basis so we capture most recent data, not just nightly backups.

Unlimited versions – We save several versions of files so we can restore older files as needed.

Fixed cost – Don’t worry if you have vast amounts of data, it’s all included.

Managed Service – Have your backup monitored and managed professionally for peace of mind.

Restore included – Includes up to one restore per month, be it one file or entire drive. No additional billing for restores. For an additional charge, we can also ship your data on a hard drive.

Contact us today to get your backup setup.