Virtual/Cloud Infrastructure

PCSN recently implemented virtual/cloud hybrid infrastructure for a Texas based insurance provider.

The problem was the cost of maintaining and provisioning workstations and laptops for users in various offices across Texas. In addition to the cost of re-imaging machines in remote offices, there was a problem of machines getting corrupt or applications/malware getting installed, especially for users who would allow their children to use office machines after hours.

Virtual infrastructure solves this problem by virtualizing both user machines and servers. This allows new machines to be quickly deployed while allowing employees to connect to their work machines via any device. The end user terminals are frozen in state so they cannot get corrupted, since these machines are simple terminals as opposed to full fledged PCs, the cost of procurement gets drastically reduced.

Virtualization of PCs also allows quick deployment and testing of applications along with easily changing resource allocation for users who need to run high load simulations and predictive analysis.

A side effect of virtualization is that in the event of a disaster, users can work from anywhere in the world as long as they have internet. Next step is to run a hosted voice communication system to allow similar capabilities and resilience to voice communications as done with data.

In addition to the above benefits, the new solution reduced recurring maintenance cost of existing servers over three fold and reduced the time of new user setup to a fraction of what it used to be with the previous setup. The cloud component allows automated spin up of additional virtual machines as cyclical processing power demand increases.

Now users can get their their faxes and emails from anywhere/anytime while running their custom applications securely from any device (even iPads and iPhones) and they can print to any printer in the organization. Scanned documents are immediately available to any authorized person whether they are in the same office or half way around the world.